TRITON: A Premium Wix Theme For Digital Creators and Bloggers

Designer Details

This full featured theme has been created from start to finish with the idea of creating the perfect hybrid between digital creators & bloggers while integrating an e-commerce store to help you creates sales for your business.

Robust and Easily Customizable Store

Quickly post your products, presets or anything else that you want to offer with an e-commerce store.

Capture Page

Now you can quickly and easily build a mailing list of subscribers with this simple to edit capture page.

As with all of our themes, Triton is incredibly versatile and offers you the ability customize this page with just a few steps.

Triton offers much more than we didn't name here including an Instagram Page.

Are you ready to for your site to see all that Triton has to offer?! Be sure to check out this flexible, versatile theme and make it your own! We’re sure that you can take your blog or business to new heights with this new addition to our collection of themes!

Check out Triton for yourself here.

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