PERSEFANI: A Premium Wix Theme For Salons and Beauty Bloggers

Step in to your personal oasis with Persefani, a beautiful beauty and wellness theme packed with everything your website can ever need. You get all the features of wellness and beauty salon template you can wish for. So whether you wish to create a website for your wellness center, massage parlour, beauty shop, spa resort or day spa, Persefani has you covered!

Home Page with Customizable Elements

Presenting your business online is as important as the quality of the services you are offering. When it comes to Spas, it is very clear that you have to be delicate and impressionable as you can be.

Beautiful and Fully Functioning Gallery

One of the best ways to showcase your hard work and the happy faces of your clients is with a beautiful and full featured gallery. With Persefani you get just that!

Fully Customizable Blog

Not only does the Persefani theme have the default blog page template where you can control your own image sizes with the default settings, but we’ve specifically created a Custom Blog Page template that is just a little fancier!

'Trending' Page for Social Media

If you've ever wanted to drive traffic from social media but didn't want it to go to your home page then you should utilize the 'Trending' page that the Persefani theme comes with.

The idea here is to present your followers with a short page that will redirect them to any of your featured content.

Styled Capture Pages

With the Persefani theme, you don’t have to worry about styling your capture page to match your site. How does this work exactly?

All you’ll do is modify the text, color and images from Wix and the page will automatically update once you publish your look.

A Customizable Store For Your Offers

Giving visitors the option to purchase or service just makes sense and with Persefani getting your store online and functional is just a few clicks away.

Custom store w/ sidebar

Custom store w/o sidebar

Whew!  That was a ton that we just covered but now it’s time for you to go check it out for yourself!

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