PEGASUS: A Premium Wix Theme For Podcasters, Blogger and Coaches

We're incredibly excited to release this masterpiece to you guys since it is a mix of many of your requests over the last few weeks. Here are some of the highlights you can find throughout the demo.

Custom Homepage

All of our themes are designed to create a custom homepage. You can choose to use, or not use the homepage widgets to create a unique and custom look. One of the features added is a full width widget area above the about section on the homepage. This full width section is for those that want a section for the Podcast, Videos or Featured posts.

Custom Capture Pages

If you have been in business and understand how it grows then you know that the best, fastest and most reliable way for you to scale is by developing a mailing list. The Pegasus theme comes with plenty of easy to customize capture pages to help you start the process.

Visit the resource page here to view the full capture page examples.

One Click Automatic Install

All of our Premium Wix Themes themes including Pegasus has a one click installation feature! Simply click accept in your account, and watch the magic happen!

2-Blog Page Templates

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to design individual pages on your site? Pegasus comes preloaded with several page templates to help take the pain out of this process.

Pegasus also comes with a world-class pre-desgined blog page and a basic one too! All you have to do is upload your own images and your own content! See this live.


Custom Landing Page For Social Contacts

One of our most popular features in our newer themes is the built-in Instagram Page Template. It’s the perfect landing page for directing your Instagram followers to, highlighting the information you want them to see based on your Instagram profile.

Fully Functional Online Store

With an optional e-commerce store you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to create your own products and easily post them online for your visitors to purchase!

Now its time to check out Pegasus for yourself.

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