ELARA: A Premium Wix Theme For Bloggers

You are a boss and a visionary hustling behind your laptop with a coffee in hand. You are setting out to create an online presence that is refined; one that stands out in the sea of many. This theme is designed for the online entrepreneur who is ready to build a classic and timeless brand easily, so that you can focus on doing the work that lights you up the most. Fully-customizable and always versatile, choose this template for a polished look.

Elara is one of our classic themes and is loaded with features that you can check out below.

Custom Home Page

You’ll be able to edit all the colors, add your own images, and change out the text easily to fit your brand! Included is a version with and without an instagram widget depending on your needs.

Custom Blog Page Template

Not only does the Elara theme have the default blog page template where you can control your own image sizes with the Wix Theme Settings, but we’ve specifically created a Custom Blog Page template on your home page that is just a little fancier!

Custom Capture Page

As with all of our premium Wix themes Elara comes with a multitude of optional capture pages and with just a few minutes of editing, you can easily make them your own like and start growing your subscribers like the example below.

This theme also includes a landing page for all of your social media contacts specifically designed with conversion in mind.

Online Store For Easy Sales

If you want to offer your products online then you have to have a marketplace to do it. Elara comes with an optional e-commerce store that is fully capable of being customized to suit just about any ones interest.

The Elara theme has so much more to offer than we’ve mentioned here, so be sure to check it out in full!

Check out the Elara theme in full by clicking here.

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