APOLLO: A Premium Wix Theme For Musicians & Podcasters

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Premium Wix Theme, Apollo.

Unless you are new to Wix you’re probably well aware, there have been a lot of upgrades recently. We patiently waited for the dust to settle a bit and for everyone to get used to the updates before releasing a theme that fully embraced all the features Wix 2020 has to offer, and we're so thrilled to finally be able to do that today!

Apollo is the first theme we have ever created for musicians that no only has an option for multiple capture pages but also an e-commerce store for products! What this means is you can connect with your fans on a higher level and offer branded products that they will love! You are no longer limited to just social media and streaming services; give your brand a professional home that you can be proud of.

Haven’t started using Wix with Green Lotus Digital yet? I absolutely encourage you to do that and there is no better time to do that than now!

The Apollo theme is unlike any other theme we’ve ever created. It is loaded with features that were specifically and strategically added for musicians, podcasters and speakers! You read that right! This theme can be used for just about anything and has some amazing capabilities like:

Two Home Page Designs

All of our themes are capable of doing so much that it’s hard to display it all in a demo site! We have 2 different home page designs and media players that you can choose from the moment you receive the theme! You can then easily go back and add your own content or add additional links if needed!

You can see the home page options live at the links below:

Spotify Home Page w/shop

Soundcloud Home Page w/shop widget

Spotify Home Page w/o shop

Soundcloud Home Page w/o shop widget

Spotify Home Page w/ Shop Widget

Soundcloud Homepage w/ Shop Widget

Spotify Homepage w/o Shop

Soundcloud Homepage w/o Shop

One Click Automatic Install

All of our Premium Wix Themes themes incuding Apollo has a one click installation feature! Simply click accept in your account, and watch the magic happen!

Blog Page Template

Get frustrated trying to design individual pages on your site? Apollo comes preloaded with several page templates to help take the frustration out of this process.

Apollo comes with a beautiful pre-desgined blog page! All you have to do is upload your own images and your own content! See this live

Instagram Page

By popular request, the Apollo theme includes a custom Instagram Page Template so you can easily customize the content your Instagram followers see directly from the comfort of your Wix dashboard! See it live.

Capture Page Templates

Another optional feature, Apollo offers a completely designed suite of capture pages using the new Wix editor. Simply swap out images and text for your own and you’re ready to rock and roll! You can see this in action here.

Customize your Colors

Change all the colors to your hearts desire!  You are absolutely NOT limited to just the colors you see here in the demo.

Fully Functional Online Store

With an optional e-commerce store you can enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to create your own products and easily post them online for your visitors to purchase!